3 Ways to Style Your Bedroom Regardless of Room Size

Your bedroom is the center of peace and harmony. Unless of course, you’re binging Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you’re up studying for graduate exams, or you hear your kids jumping on their beds at 2 am because you thought it would be okay to give them a tiny bit of ice cream after dinner.

That’s just life. But we want to help turn your bedroom into the master suite you deserve regardless of the space you’re in!

  1. A Starters Bedroom

Apartment life really has some of the best perks. For one, you can clean a tornado sized mess in about 30 minutes. If that isn’t a perk we don’t know what is.

One downside though, space isn’t exactly on your side. We’re tackling the bare necessities to turn that 300 square foot bedroom into a bedtime paradise.

A full or queen sized bed is going to be your friend here. Bonus points go to the bed with built-in storage. We’re in love with this bookcase bed with LED lights!

Have limited or no closet space? No biggie, we have two solutions for you. If you need more room for socks and PJ’s, look for a bed with footboard storage. The alternative is getting a slim, but tall, dresser that can be tucked away in the corner.

Any piece of furniture with a dual purpose is your lifesaver in a small space!

  1. The In-Between

Your first starter home calls for a celebration! Maybe you have a backyard or a pool. At the very least, compared to a studio apartment, your dining, kitchen, and living rooms are now separate.

It’s time to start mapping out your master bedroom. You have space but still, want to keep a budget on your radar.

Stretch your legs out a bit with a queen sized bed! This one, in particular, has a contemporary feel with an upholstered linen, paired with a slate and stone grey finish.

Do you and your partner need a little storage for yourselves? Setting a nightstand on either side of the bed will help keep you two satisfied.

  1. The Master Bedroom

Reaching grand master bedroom suite status calls for a “you made it” champagne! At this point, you’ve done well and can treat yourself to the bedroom you didn’t even know you wanted.

California King is the way to go here because, well, go big or go home right?

At 84” by 67” you’ll be able to make snow angels with room to spare. Plus, wind down to your favorite Netflix show with a Media Ready Door Chest.

Want to be able to grab a bottle of wine before snuggling into bed without leaving the room? This bedroom group is accompanied by a sideboard with wine bottle storage. Not a necessity, but who can say ‘no’ to wine in bed?